Latvia 2022 – Citi Zēni – Eat Your Salad

Latvia 2022 – Citi Zēni – Eat Your Salad

After the devastating result for Latvia last year, I really hoped that there would be a strong revenge return this year, but I am afraid of none of that. Also, thinking we had already heard the worst song for this season, I was totally wrong about that fact.

Latvia chose a very provocative, sarcastic, and humorous choice. Citi Zeni will present the song Eat Your Salad. The song can be interpreted in different ways. Some will understand it as a very satirical song with elements of humor. On the other hand, singing about green vegetables may have a context about protecting the planet. But what is certainly the context of the song is pure vulgarity.

In general, this is not the first such song, but such a thing should not represent one country at Eurovision. Choosing such a song is actually a mockery of the competition. I understand that this will be a lot of fun for many fans, but Latvia is missing the opportunity to stop the disastrous series of bad results this year as well.

I am sure this is a candidate for 0 points by the jury and most likely this will not make it to the finals. Personally, I don’t like this song at all. The guys on stage look very cheerful and act very positive but I would love for them to sing something different.

Latvia seems to want to keep the rear in the overall standings from year to year. I really hoped that something would happen this year, that a song that could be highly ranked would appear. It’s a big injustice that Samantha Tina was last, too bad she didn’t get a chance to perform her fantastic song Still Breathing, which would surely be in the top 10.

I don’t like Eat Your Salad and I don’t see it in the finals of the competition, in my opinion, a very wrong choice. My rating is 2/10.

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