Estonia 2022 – STEFAN – Hope

Estonia 2022 – STEFAN – Hope

Another strong male voice comes from Estonia, Stefan with the song Hope. Before I heard the winning song, I was very skeptical because I thought we were going to have a replay from last year. I like that beginning with wild-west music. It’s a lot reminiscent of David Guetta’s song Lovers on the Sun, but I don’t want to and I won’t take that as a flaw because Sweden won in 2015 with a song like that.

I especially like Stefan’s beautiful, deep voice, the song perfectly suits his voice. The lyrics are also great, the rhythm of the song is perfect. I liked it right away at the first listening and I think a large part of the Eurovision audience will like it.

Many believe that Estonia constantly sends the same types of songs. There are some truths here, but for example, Victor Crone with the song Storm from 2019 was bad for me and I didn’t like it at all. The song Hope has far better potential and is a better song in general. I would like them to work on the stage because it will certainly be crucial for the finals. The song Hope is not winning material but it is certainly a worthy finale.

Given the current competition and the schedule of the semi-final groups, Estonia has a very good chance of entering the finals. Personally, I would like them to qualify for the finals because Stefan definitely deserves it. Estonia decided on a great choice. My rating is 7.5 / 10.

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