Moldova 2024 – Natalia Barbu – In The Middle

Moldova 2024 – Natalia Barbu – In The Middle

Moldova again chooses a new old representative who will once again have the opportunity to perform on the Eurovision stage. It’s about Natalia Barba with the song In The Middle.

I remember Natalia very well from 2007 when she sang the song Fight and won a high 10th place. Even then, she was one of the best at the Eurovision Song Contest. She had a very fiery performance and a memorable violin sound, I’m sorry she didn’t win an even better position.

When I found out that she would perform again at the Eurovision Song Contest, I was happy because I expected that we could hope for another great success for Moldova. But unfortunately, I was mistaken. The song is really bad, I don’t even know how to define it. It is neither a ballad nor a fast pop song nor some kind of ethno-modern song. The lyrics are terrible, cliché. The instrumental is not bad, but the whole song is stuck in time as if it’s not 2024 but 2005. It may be harsh to say this, but I find this sad.

I understand that sometimes there are no good songs in the national selection, so anything is chosen, but this song is not good. Moldova is in the first semi-final where we expect a bloodbath, so I think Moldova will probably not go to the final no matter what they do on stage. I even think she could win zero points from the audience except maybe a couple of sympathy points. This year’s worst Eurovision song so far. My rating for the song In The Middle is 3/10.

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