Portugal 2023 – Mimicat – Ai Coração

Portugal 2023 – Mimicat – Ai Coração

Last year was very successful for Portugal, a high 8th place, a country that struggled to reach the finals, last year it had emotion, a song that was magic. This year, Portugal offers a completely different song, happy, lively, and crazy.

Portugal presents Mimicat with the song Ai Coração. This song fits perfectly with this year’s Eurosong theme, which is eccentricity. Eurosong fans are delighted with this song and predict another success.

The song is fine for me, it’s fun and very positive, but I’m not overly enthusiastic. Many believe that Portugal will make it to the final without any problems. I’m a little skeptical about that because Portugal doesn’t really get many points from the audience.

If we exclude the year 2017, when Salvador Sobral convincingly won, Portugal went to the finals solely thanks to the jury’s points. That’s why I think Mimicat might be a surprising non-qualifier. I believe that she can make it to the finals, but even if she doesn’t make it, it wouldn’t be such a shock.

I think Mimicat will raise the bar in Liverpool and we are guaranteed good fun and dancing. My rating for the song Ai Coração is 6.5/10.

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