Azerbaijan 2023 – TuralTuranX – Tell Me More

Azerbaijan 2023 – TuralTuranX – Tell Me More

In recent years, we have gotten used to Azerbaijan being among the favorites for a high score and that they pass to the finals without major difficulties. This year Azerbaijan is represented by TuralTuranX with the song Tell Me More.

The song is interesting, it reminds me of Beatles songs. I like that they decided on simplicity and that the first focus is on a song that does not require any staging. But considering the competition, I don’t know how much of a potential chance this song has.

Azerbaijan is in the first semi-final group and since there is no jury, I think this country has almost no chance of going to the final. Last year we saw how the audience did not react to their representative song even though it was far better than this year’s.

The song is solid, but it doesn’t stand out in this competition. I have no obvious objection to the song, but it is insufficient for this year’s competition. My rating for the song Tell Me More is 6/10.

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