Greece 2023 – Victor Vernicos – What They Say

Greece 2023 – Victor Vernicos – What They Say

Last year, Greece was my first favorite to win, it’s a shame that she didn’t achieve a higher result. This year, Greece is far from the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest, and the possibility of reaching the final is almost impossible.

Victor Vernicos is this year’s representative with the song What They Say. The song is a very weak, light radio song, but not a sufficiently competitive song. This is more of a jury song and considering that there is no jury in the semi-finals this year, I really doubt that Greece will go further.

The song is okay, but I think it’s a total failure for this year. I don’t know what kind of miracle needs to happen for it to pass. The only thing that gives some hope is the fact that Greece is in the weaker semi-final and a certain number of worse songs will simply find themselves in the final.

I don’t like Greece’s song at all and it really has no place at Eurosong. My rating for the song What They Say is 4/10.

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