Georgia 2023 – Iru – Echo

Georgia 2023 – Iru – Echo

This year, Georgia prepared better than ever for the Eurovision Song Contest. Many are delighted with the chosen song and believe in a safe entry to the final. Georgia is represented by Iru with the song Echo.

The song is dramatic and has theatricality, you can clearly hear that it was composed for the Eurovision Song Contest. I don’t like that the singer sings in very high tones, bordering on shouting. Would love to hear a version with lower pitches. Whatever was written, I think that this is not a song that can compete for the win, I believe that it will definitely go to the finals.

Of course, there is enough room for improvement here, if the vocal performance is up to par, Georgia can expect a large number of points. I hope that the staging will also be good, not excessive but enough to achieve the dramaturgy of the song.

The song is good, but too loud for my taste, but I support Georgia’s choice. My rating for the song Echo is 7.5/10.

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