Armenia 2023 – Brunette – Future Lover

Armenia 2023 – Brunette – Future Lover

With the exception of Austria, Armenia is a serious contender to win the other semi-final group. Armenia is represented by Brunette with the song Future Lover.

I really like the song, a combination of a ballad and a fast song, a combination of English and Armenian. One of the better songs in the whole competition. It has a certain mystique, it is very seductive.

But if I look back on last year, I can’t regret that Snap experienced a debacle at the Eurosong, only 19th place, and it became such a global hit. Future Lover is not a better song than Snap, but in this year’s competition, it can reach the top 5 if the overall performance is at a high level.

Internal selection for Armenia turned out to be a superior solution. Maybe Future Lover will become another global hit. I love everything about this song and I just want it to be as successful as possible. My rating for the song Future Lover is 9.5/10.

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