Sweden 2023 – Loreen – Tattoo

Sweden 2023 – Loreen – Tattoo

Let’s be realistic, Sweden once again has a song that moves the entire competition. Loreen, who is still considered the most successful winner of the Eurovision Song Contest, returns with the song Tattoo.

If we make a comparison with Euphoria, there is no doubt that the song from 2012 is far better. The tattoo is of a similar style, but it is also very modern and strong. The song is a winner, it has everything you need, staging that pushes all the boundaries of the seen, dramaturgy, and The moment that conquers. I am convinced that Sweden will win.

There are a lot of haters who do not want Loreen to win again, pointing out that she is overrated, but it cannot be ignored that this is a brutal song and that it is at a high level that cannot be competed with. There is no doubt that Sweden will go smoothly to the finals, as well as that they will surely be first in the finals according to the jury’s votes. As for the audience votes, I think Finland could take over the dominance there.

In the end, Sweden will win and they will finally tie with Ireland then they need to give space to other countries to win because it has already become irritating that they are constantly competing for the win. You have to be realistic and say that Sweden really deserves to win and it will probably be like that. But the Eurovision Song Contest is unpredictable and an unexpected twist can always happen.

My rating for the song Tattoo is 10/10.

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