Romania 2022 – WRS – Llámame

Romania 2022 – WRS – Llámame

Every Eurovision season I have a song that is my guilty pleasure. It’s a song that many Eurovision fans will find bad, but it’s just as good and appealing to me. This year it is certainly the song of the Romanian Llamama performed by the WRS.

Romania had a very poor national competition this year with a large number of songs. The concept was very bad but in the end, a representative song was chosen. In a way, I was shocked by the song that was chosen because it reminds me of the style of song that dominated Eurovision until 2010.

Such songs most often represented Greece. The more I listened to Llamama’s song, the more nostalgia for those times awoke. For some reason the song is very appealing, it gets in my ear easily and I would dance right away. I’d say the sound is very cheap but on the other hand, as soon as the song is over, I squeeze the replay.

Llamame can be described as a forbidden fruit, I shouldn’t like it but it is irresistible. There may be fans who share their opinion with me but I don’t know if Romania can achieve any significant success. They are in the second semifinal group where the competition is very strong, so I don’t think they will make it to the finals.

I would say that there is a chance for Romania. This is a song that can be saved from the audience if the performance is seductive enough. Romania, unfortunately, has a bad set of qualifiers but that may change. Every year we have an unexpected passer-by in the finals, maybe it will be the WRS. Whatever the outcome, I will continue to listen to this song. I wish good luck to Romania. My rating for the song Llamame is 7/10.

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