Denmark 2022 – Reddi – The Show

Denmark 2022 – Reddi – The Show

Denmark’s failure to reach the finals in 2021 is one of the biggest injustices in that season. It was one of the better songs that represented Denmark. But a new year has arrived and a new representative of Denmark and that is the group Reddi with the song The Show.

It’s a female rock band that reminds me a bit of Joan Jett & the Blackhearts. I consider it such a great compliment for this young rock band. I don’t think rock performances will come to the fore this year. The song isn’t bad but I really don’t like it.

The song has good elements. I like the slow intro as an introduction to the climax of the song. But overall, I’m not exactly happy with this choice and therefore can’t predict significant success. I think Denmark will have a hard time making it to the finals, I don’t think either the jury or the audience will over-vote for this song. I think that there is a lack of powerful energy that should raise the audience to its feet.

As I said, I don’t expect Denmark to make it to the finals and I think they will have to work a little harder around choosing the songs for the national competition. Although last year’s song was great and deserved its place in the finals, I don’t think the possible non-passage to the finals this year won’t be too much of an injustice.
Despite everything, I have great support for young women on the rock scene and I want to have as many of them as possible, but with a much better song. My rating for the song The Show is 2/10.

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