Romania 2021 – ROXEN – Amnesia

Romania 2021 – ROXEN – Amnesia

Roxen, Romanian Billie Eilish. Roxen again has a song with a very strong title, Amnesia.
It is a very high-quality pop song that talks about the inner struggle.

Expectations from Romania were high, I think Roxen really did justify it. The song immediately won me over, the overall impression is very positive. Romania will definitely enter the finals and I think it will be at least in the top 10.

The song Amnesia has a winning vibe. They may not be among the top favorites, but I believe they will be a hidden favorite to win. Last year Roxen also had a phenomenal song Alcohol You which is very similar to the song Amnesia and because of that they are equally good to me. Roxen earned a very high ranking with both songs.

I really would love for Romania to finally win. If that doesn’t happen this year, I believe if they continue to have strong entries like Amnesia that we will visit Bucharest in the near future. I want Roxen to win the best possible result because she has all the predispositions for that.

Do you believe Roxen can win? Which song do you prefer, Amnesia or Alcohol You?

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