Slovenia 2021 – Ana Soklič – Amen

Slovenia 2021 – Ana Soklič – Amen

Finally, we heard the song from Ana Soklič, a representative of Slovenia who brings us the song Amen. Primarily, for Ana Soklič I have only words of praise. She is an extremely talented singer with a rhapsody of a voice and a very strong vocal, I enjoy listening to her.

This year she brings us the song Amen which a perfect fit for Ana. Song with elements of the gospel with very powerful lyrics, a strong ballad. I believe they will attract both the jury and the audience. Amen is a far better choice for Ana Soklič, a fit for her vocal capabilities.

It’s hard to predict results for Slovenia, but I think it can happen that they don’t get to the finals because of the strong competition. This is the year that is dominated by fast-paced songs, but of course, we need to hope that Ana Soklič can get a spot in the finals.

In any case, this is a step up for Slovenia compared to last year and I wish them all the luck.

Does Ana deserve a safe spot in the finals? Do you think the audience and jury can recognize the quality of this song?

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