Semi-final 2 predictions before rehearsals

Semi-final 2 predictions before rehearsals

The second semifinal group is in my opinion stronger than the first group. In this group, there may be fewer countries that have an equal chance of passing or not making it to the finals, but we have more favorites for secure placement.

Safe passengers to the finals
Sweden, Poland, Australia, Azerbaijan, Serbia, and Cyprus certainly have their place in the final. Although I’m not a fan of Australian songs, I think it will surely pass because of the jury’s points. I also think the same for the song of Azerbaijan, because there are always a lot of votes from the audience and the jury, even if they have a very average song. Serbia will undoubtedly be this year’s most successful Balkan country (dark horse competitions), and Cyprus continues to be a powerful Eurovision country.

Good luck next year
Countries that have almost no chance of entering the finals are Ireland, Northern Macedonia, Malta, and San Marino. Among these countries, I would say that only Northern Macedonia has a beautiful song, but with very poor production, so I do not see any chance of entering the finals. These four countries have been struggling to reach the finals for most of the last few years.

Estonia, Belgium, and Finland have real chances to enter the finals, but I think that one of these three countries (I would dare say two countries) will be a shocking non-qualifay. Montenegro has a beautiful song, but judging by the comments of many fans, it is a song that has a beautiful melody but very stupid lyrics. That is why I think that Montenegro will not make it to the finals, especially since it has only managed to do it twice so far. Romania will be a shocking qualify and I would love for them to pass, the song is great. I really don’t like the song of Israel, but Israel makes it to the finals almost every year and that’s the only reason I think It can go further but I’m honestly of the opinion they don’t deserve it. Georgia has a great song and with great staging can also be a shocking qualify. The Czech Republic is closing the semifinals and that is why I hope they will pass because there is a great opportunity for them to grab televotes.

Top 10 – my wishes
Sweden, Serbia, Cyprus, Poland, Estonia, Finland, Romania, Georgia, Czech Republic, and Azerbaijan.

Top 10 – reality
Sweden, Cyprus, Serbia, Azerbaijan, Australia, Poland, Belgium, Czech Republic, Finland, Estonia.

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