Ukraine 2022 – Kalush Orchestra – Stefania

Ukraine 2022 – Kalush Orchestra – Stefania

I kept this article for the end, I wanted to be sure that the representatives of Ukraine will perform in Turin live, that I will not hear any bad news. Ukraine is one of my favorite Eurovision countries, they have never disappointed with their musical taste. The Go-A band has revolutionized Eurovision. I listen to the song Shum almost every day and I often wonder what it would be like if they managed to win in Rotterdam.

The standard of high musical quality is present this year in the song Stefanija performed by the Kalush Orchestra. They were my favorite in the national final and in a way I am really glad that they will represent Ukraine in Turin. Stefania’s song is a blend of modern and ethnic sounds, a song dedicated to mother. The song immediately won me over because it is different, special, has its own identity, and is different from other songs.

For the past month, there has been a lot of debate about whether Stefania is justifiably the first favorite to win at bookmakers. My thinking is that the song Stefania deserves a lot of attention because it’s a fantastic song and I really think it’s for the top 5. Expressing my sympathy for this song has nothing to do with the current situation, but respect for the art of music.

There is no doubt that Ukraine will advance to the finals because it unconditionally deserves it. It is difficult to say whether Ukraine can win. I firmly believe that there will be a great support and a large number of points from the audience, potentially competing to win televoters. If they win it, they will win it deservedly, so I think it is unnecessary to talk about empathic votes.

The Klaush Orchestra will perform live in Turin and I believe many people around the world will have a full heart. Ukraine must not give up on Eurovision because it is a competition that sends messages of unity and peace. It is important to defend the colors of your country in difficult times, music unites people.

Stefania will have a special meaning in Turin. I wish all the Ukrainian people only love and peace, and I hope that their homeland will become a land of peace as soon as possible. My rating for the song Stefania is 9.5 / 10

I stand with Ukraine!

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