France 2022 – Alvan & Ahez – Fulenn

France 2022 – Alvan & Ahez – Fulenn

In the amazing year 2021, Barbara Pravi left a big impression. I believed she could win, especially that she would win the jury but in the end, the nuances ruled and France won second place. In the new season, expectations were high, it was necessary to find a worthy successor to Barbara Pravi and try to win that elusive first place.

I don’t think that will happen this year, France will certainly not win. Representatives are Alvan & Ahez with the song Fluenn. The song isn’t bad, I like that close oriental sound. I think they pretty much tried to create a song similar to “Shum” by the Go-A band, the sound of the wild. Shum is the one and only and anything like that is not nearly as good, at least for me.

Regardless, the song is good, I like that fast pace, the French language sounds great in this form. Like I said, as with the Shum song, it’s very psychedelic and intense. Honestly, I didn’t expect this kind of song format to represent France.

I don’t see France as a winner but can compete for some more serious placement. I would say this year’s Big 5 songs are all very competent except Germany. Italy, Spain, and the UK have serious chances to win. I see France in the top 20 and I hope they will work on staging. My rating for the song Fluenn is 7/10.

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