Czech Republic 2022 – We Are Domi – Lights Off

Czech Republic 2022 – We Are Domi – Lights Off

After the fiasco in Rotterdam, the Czech Republic is on its way to the finals. As I said earlier, it is very unusual to hear new songs for 2022 at such an early period. Despite this, the Czech Republic pleasantly surprised us by choosing this song.

We Are Domi with the song Lights Off are this year’s Czech representatives. I really like the song, a very modern, European dance song. As some of my colleagues put it, it sounds very “Scandinavian”. The overall impression is very good and Lights Off immediately found its way onto my personal playlist.
Personally, I have no complaints about the choice of the song, but in terms of the song for the Eurovision Song Contest, a lot is debatable. Although we do not know what kind of competition awaits us, Lights Off will not be among the main favorites to win, there is no x-factor effect that is necessary to win.

Also, I have some doubts about whether the Czech Republic will qualify for the finals. It’s a very generic pop, dance song and I really don’t think juries all over Europe will like it too much, as was the case with Latvia 2017 and Poland 2018. Triana Park was very popular among fans but simply had no success on the Eurovision stage.
For that reason, I have a certain fear that We Are Domi will not make it to the finals. If they are in the “weaker” semifinal group, they have great chances for the finals. Also, what is necessary in any case is a memorable and attractive staging and top vocal performance. I think that the song itself is not enough, but the visual effect must do its thing to ensure a place in the finals.

Certainly, the great progress of the Czech Republic in relation to the song and the performance from Rotterdam. I personally adore this song and wish it a great success, but a lot of segments need to be worked on if they want to achieve a significant result. My rating is 7/10.

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