Iceland 2021 – Daði og Gagnamagnið – 10 Years

Iceland 2021 – Daði og Gagnamagnið – 10 Years

The big favorite of last year’s Eurovision Song Contest is again the representative of Iceland. I really believe Iceland could have won last year very easily if the competition was not canceled.

The song Think About Things was the best entry by Iceland chosen in the last 10 years if not more. A real innovation, with good reason the song won the world’s top scales.

Iceland has been waiting for a victory for a very long time, but I think it will wait a little longer. The song 10 Years is great, fun, great productions but it lacks the x-factor that the song Think About Things had last year.

With an interesting performance, I’m sure Iceland can compete to win but something has to happen on that scene which will attract the audience and the jury. Personally, I really like both songs and it is not disputed that Iceland will enter the finals. The competition is really tough but I think Iceland will collect a very large number of votes.

All in all, a lot of good songs, so I can’t wait for that competition to start. Which Iceland song do you think is better, Think About Things or 10 Years? Do you think Iceland can do a miracle?

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