Latvia 2021 – Samanta Tina – The Moon is Rising

Latvia 2021 – Samanta Tina – The Moon is Rising

Last year’s Samantha Tinea’s song Still Breathing was one of the best songs in the competition for me. I liked absolutely everything about that song, the lyrics, the music. She was something new and because of that, she was a favorite of many.

This year Samantha Tina has the song The Moon is Rising. My opinion is that with this year’s song she wanted to achieve the next level, an upgrade to the song Still Breathing.

The Moon is Rising has the same theme as last year’s song, feminism, a strong woman, but I think that’s pretty much overdone. It’s not essential that they be made two years in a row identical songs, I think she should have chosen a totally different song than last year.

Still Breathing was innovative, stood out from others. I like the lyrics of the song The Moon is Rising, it’s about a strong, dominant woman and that’s it. I really don’t like the whole song.

Even after listening to it more, I don’t find it catchy, so I’m really sorry because I had high expectations. That is why I think Latvia has no chance of reaching the finals this year.

If the competition was held in 2020. year, I guarantee that Samantha Tina would be in the top 10. A lot of fans may not share an opinion with me, but we’ll see the outcome in May.

I certainly wish Latvia all the best! Did you also have high expectations of Samantha Tina? Do you think this year’s song is the wrong choice?

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