Semi-final 2 review

Semi-final 2 review

The second semifinal evening is over, we finally know who all the finalists of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest are. It was an exciting evening, but with slightly fewer shocks than expected. Here is my review of the second semifinal night:

  1. San Marino
    A spectacular start to the evening, very energetic and full of adrenaline as the song itself says. I am really happy that San Marino has reached the finals for the second year in a row. FloRida has certainly contributed to San Marino’s success, but with or without him this would certainly be a good year for San Marino. The stage was sensational, world-class. I’m glad they close the finals on Saturday, it’s going to be a spectacle and I expect a good placement for San Marino.
  1. Estonia
    Although Uku Suviste did his best on stage, it was not enough to make it to the finals. The song does not have that x-factor that Europe needs to react to it. There was no surprise regarding Estonia and I wish them all the best of luck in the years to come.
  1. Czech Republic
    The Czech Republic also had a very mediocre performance. Although Benny Cristo is very likable and radiates positive energy, the performance was really not good. At times, Benny sounded very bad. Had it been a better stage performance they would have had a chance to qualify for the finals.
  1. Austria
    I think it is very unfair that Austria did not make it to the finals. The song Amen is a beautiful, touching, and emotional song that deserved its place in the finale. The performance was fantastic, Vincent sang great and I see no reason why this was not placed. I believe that the jury really recognized this song, so I can only conclude that the audience failed with their votes. In my opinion, the biggest injustice of the second semifinal night.
  1. Greece
    The Greek song is really great, but I didn’t like the stage performance. Everything is fine except the green screen which is unnecessary. I understand that they wanted to show something unseen on the Eurovision scene, but it turned out to be very bad and amateurish. I think they should have had a much simpler scene because Stefania is a beautiful young and talented singer with a great song. I am glad that Greece qualified for the finals and I wish them all the best, but I think that the stage performance could cost them a better placement.
  1. Poland
    What to say about Poland. Although the song isn’t that bad, last night’s performance was, to put it mildly, a disaster. It all started well and then at one point Rafal starts shouting, falls out of intonation, the backing vocals sing one and he the other. Altogether it looked and sounded really bad. Worst performance in both semifinal nights. Maybe Rafal got nervous, but given his many years of experience in front of TV cameras, I find it hard to believe. Really bad and sorry for Poland, I hope for better songs and performances in the coming years.
  1. Moldova
    Moldova is the surprise of the evening when it comes to reaching the finals, Moldova is considered to have taken Austria’s place in the finals. Although I love the song Sugar, I’m not exactly happy with the performance. Natalia sounded very strange at times, and the part where she shouts EUROPE! it was repulsive and bad to me, she didn’t need that. The choreography and scene were great but Natalia’s singing was bad. She may have been gripped by nervousness, adrenaline, excitement but all in all she did not leave a good impression. I hope they sound a lot better on Saturday and justify their entry into the finals.
  1. Iceland
    I was very sad when I heard that Iceland could not perform live due to covid-19 but luck was on their side last night. Their performance is so original, creative, humorous and that’s why I’m glad they won their place in the final. One of the best performances last night and I really hope that they will achieve a high ranking on Saturday because they deserve it whether they are on stage or not. Bravo Iceland!
  1. Serbia
    Hurricane ravaged Europe. The incredible performance of Serbia. Powerful, energetic, fiery, exciting, I only have compliments for girls. The performance was brilliant, they raised the whole arena to its feet and I believe the audience in front of small screens. It doesn’t matter what language you sing in if you reach the audience with your energy. Bravo Serbia, I expect that you will surely have a high result, especially I expect a lot of points from the audience. Croatia is with you!
  1. Georgia
    Tornike Kipiani had a very simple but also a bit slow performance. Although the song is beautiful, I think it put us all to sleep. Tornike has a fantastic voice and I’m sorry he didn’t have a better song. Georgia, unfortunately, continues with a poor streak of results, they have not qualified for the finals since 2016, I hope that soon that black streak will break and that Georgia will return with a strong song worthy of victory.
  1. Albania
    Albania completely delighted me. Anxela looked like a divine diva and the performance was worthy of the world’s biggest stars. For the third year in a row, Albania is entering the finals with a song in the Albanian language. I think Albania has found its recipe for success, just to make that real song happen and I think victory is certain. Everything was just as it should be, from the stage to the singing, Anxela delighted vocally. I am sorry that they got 2nd place in the order of appearances in the finals but I believe that will not affect the good result of Albania.
  1. Portugal
    I have to admit that I greatly underestimated Portugal and the song Love Is On My Side, but now I feel they deservedly won their place in the final. The more I listened to this song, the more I realized how quality, simple and special it is. I am sure that the jury awarded this song very highly and I am glad that songs like this are attracting attention at the Eurovision Song Contest. Although Portugal has had a string of poor results for years, this year they chose a song in English for the first time and I think that’s exactly what brought them a new final. Good luck Portugal!
  1. Bulgaria
    Victoria was expectedly good with a very nice performance. Very emotional and perfect. I can’t wait to hear it again in the finale. Bravo Bulgaria
  1. Finland
    Finland was phenomenal. I am happy that rock performances have their place in the finals. We really miss such a genre at the Eurovision Song Contest and I believe that this year this genre can take away the victory. Blind Channel dominated the scene, they sounded fantastic and I’m glad Finland is back to what it’s best at, and that’s rock songs. Finland is in the finals again after 2018 and I expect a great result.
  1. Latvia
    I’m really sorry that Latvia didn’t make it to the finals because Samanta Tina is a singer with amazing vocal abilities and the performance was very good, but the song just isn’t strong enough. Given that Samantha Tina has competed in the national competition as many as 6 times to reach the Eurovision stage, this leaves, even more, a feeling of regret that all this long-term effort did not pay off. Better luck next time.
  1. Switzerland
    Given the unexpected choreography of Switzerland, we were all afraid of what the final performance would be like. I still think Tout l’Univers is one of the best songs this year. Gjon sounded perfect from the beginning to the end of the song as if someone had played a demo. I was left speechless listening to him because his voice conveyed that emotion, the magic. For me, the absolute winner of the second semi-final night and I hope he will compete for the final victory in the final.
  1. Denmark
    I’m really sorry this cute duo didn’t win a place in the final. Although they didn’t give them any chance for the finals, we all hoped it would happen anyway. They brought joy and positive energy to the stage and I believe they won the hearts of viewers across Europe. We need such cheerful songs at the Eurovision Song Contest because everyone is tired of the negative, especially after a difficult year caused by a pandemic. Denmark, you were great!

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