Spain 2022 – Chanel – SloMo

Spain 2022 – Chanel – SloMo

The Latino hurricane headed towards Turin. After a terrible debacle, Spain returns thousand times more powerful and ready for the best possible ranking. This year, Spain is represented by the real Latino diva Chanel with the song Slomo.

I’m a big fan of the Spanish pop scene, so I’m glad they dared to try it out in that genre. The song Slomo is very charismatic, with an infectious rhythm and energy. Despite this, the singer Chanel leaves a far better and more impressive impression. Her stage performance is sensational, sexy, full of fiery energy, very cleverly designed because Eurovision is a TV spectacle and it will surely attract viewers.

Chanel acts very confident and totally dominates the stage. I am sorry that she received a lot of negative comments, it is a big blow for a representative of a country, but I firmly believe that she will justify her trip to Turin. The song Slomo may not be a song that will win the competition but it certainly won’t end with zero from the audience or from the jury. Many also mention the similarity with Elena Foureira, this comparison becomes boring from year to year, each singer is an individual for himself, which always turns out in the end.

I really think Chanel deserved to win and go to Turin. I believe that she will use the full potential of the Turin stage and make a spectacle. “Cliché songs” are commented on every year, but such songs secure a place in the finals, or in this case a potential top 15.

I think Chanel can delight us even more and perhaps provide a result worthy of respect. Spain has been struggling for years and that is why I wish them the best of luck. I am glad that a lot of effort has been invested this year in choosing the Eurovision song, if they continue like this, I have no doubt that we will soon be watching the Eurovision Song Contest in Madrid. My rating for the song Slomo is 7.5

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