Greece 2021 – Stefania – LAST DANCE

Greece 2021 – Stefania – LAST DANCE

A pleasant surprise comes from Greece, Stefania with the song Last dance. I get the impression more and more that it is actually the second semifinal group, the death group.

Last year Stefania had a sweet song Supergirl but I don’t think it would have achieved any significant result. Last dance is real excellent, more mature than the song Supergirl. I’m really pleasantly surprised, Stefania, deserves it at least to be in the top 10.

Although it’s a dance song, it has a certain dose of dramaturgy and I really like motives from Greek mythology. I would like Greece to return to the very top of the Eurovision Song Contest, Stefania is the best opportunity for that after a long time.

This year we have a real dance battle between girls, Albina (Tick-Tock, Croatia), Eden Alene (Set me free, Israel), and Stefania. In my opinion, Stefania and Albina dominate equally, both songs are for secure placement in the final.

Well done for the progress compared to last year and I hope for a better result for Greece.

Which of the following dance songs do you think is the best? Can Stefania bring Greece back to the top Eurosong?

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