North Macedonia 2021 – Vasil – Here I Stand

North Macedonia 2021 – Vasil – Here I Stand

In 2019, North Macedonia achieved the best result in its Eurovision history. After the fantastic Tamara, Vasil got the opportunity. Last year Vasil sang the song You which was seductive, it called for tango but I don’t think it would have won a ticket to the finals.

I was hoping Vasil would have an even better song, however, it didn’t happen. The song Here I Stand is a very emotional, touching song and has a nice message, but I think it does not fit into this modern age, it would be ideal for the 90s of the last century.

It would best stand out as a powerful soundtrack of some Disney movie. Also, when the middle of the song starts with backing vocals, that part
reminds me so much of the song “Barcelona” by Freddie Mercury and Montserrat Caballe. That’s why I think this song is completely wrong for 2021, it’s beautiful but not contemporary.

I’m sorry North Macedonia, but this year you will have a hard time getting to the finals. What is your first thought when you hear this song?
Did you have higher expectations from Vasil?

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